Hardly Regarding

EP 06 -Failing Forward

More rambles from a borrowed truck.

- Podcasting services: using them and stuff

- Parable of the Sower

EP 05.1 - Getting Our Stuff in Order

More talking to myself from a borrowed truck. Topics: UBI, Easter, Star Wars, Random.


BTW I recorded this around Easter, 2020. Months ago. Let's travel back in time together....


Have a wonderful day and carry on.

EP 04 - Retractions, Backpedaling, and Etc.

I've listened to these things one time too often, so now it's your turn. You're welcome. Attach all the disclaimers.

EP 03 - Religion, Privilege, and other Tools

This is a disjointed series of audio logs, recorded in a parked vehicle, while talking to myself. It's vaguely related to my blog (a place where I mostly type at myself) : https://hardly-regarding.ca/

EP 02 - Serendipity, Faith, and Ikigai

In this episode, I talk to you via myself about Faith, Serendipity, Ikigai, and other random things. 

I started this podcast with another podcast provider, which I mention in the podcast. Sorry, Podbean! I came around to you eventually.

If you enjoy this podcast, here's the companion website: hardly-regarding.ca

Intro music by Kevin Macleod : https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/5044-fuzzball-parade

EP 01 - Hello, World! What Am I Doing Here?

I made a podcast in a truck. Now it's here. There you go.

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